I am an avid Final Cut Pro user (no pun intended). I have edited many short films, and even a couple feature long-films over the past 7 years. You can check out some of my videos here¬†(I’m working on one now that should be completed by tonight). I recently was the proud owner of a PowerMac G5… it did its job for a solid 3 years. However, as my films got more advanced, I was in greater need of a faster computer. So I decided that my system’s time had come, and threw my old PowerMac G5 on eBay, in hopes of raising enough money to pay for the tower of my dreams. It sold… for 2,100 dollars, a price I was very satisfied with, considering I paid 4,000 dollars for it initially. This would greatly help me pay for the new Mac Pro I had just purchased from Apple.

Then, as I was backing up my tower for the last time, my heart stopped. My computer completely broke. I was scared to death, and since I wasn’t covered by Apple Care, I knew I was dead in the water. Or so I thought… turns out, I had renewed my Apple care, and forgot I had it! Since I was under warranty, Apple only had one choice: replace the system. I was expecting a stock model, but then I got a big surprise. After a little persuasion, Apple agreed to send me a stock model: with 16 GB of RAM, since my old computer had 12 GB! A tragedy instantly turned into a celebration. The tower they sent me is on eBay as we speak, starting at 4,999! If you want to place a bid, click here. ūüėČ

After editing with the Mac Pro I purchased (8 Core 3.2 GHZ, 8 GB of RAM, Top of the Line Graphics Card) for a week, I have to admit that editing has become much more enjoyable. I am not limited by the system, only my creativity, and with video and motion graphics, that really helps the process along.

Now if only it had Blu-Ray…


iPhone 2.0 Annoyance

July 31, 2008

I know I posted a list of annoyances already, but this one is really driving17 Uninstalled Updates...¬†me crazy. When updating applications in Installer, the app would update in the application, then reset the springboard, and the app was in the same place that it was before you installed the update. Not the case with 2.0. In the App Store, after updating an app, the update is moved to the last spot on the last page of your applications. This is incredibly annoying, as it then requires you to move the app back to where you had it, messing up your entire order. The hassle, to me, is not worth “bug fixes”. I now have a ton (17 to be exact) of applications that have available updates, that I am not updating because I prefer the order of my springboard more than the updated applications.

Hurry up 2.0.1.

Mac Soda's Mockup (Except for the home button...)

Word is spreading around the internet that the new iPod Nano will go back to its old form factor, not be multi-colored as 9to5 Mac claims, and adopt a new 1.5:1 screen ratio. iLounge cites “a very reliable source” and claims that the old fatty form factor and 1.33:1 screen ratio will be abandoned. There is some truth to this, but some is false. As you can see in the picture, the screen is the same ratio as the iPod Touch and iPhone. iLounge is correct about this new ratio, but they are incorrect about something else: the click wheel. In short, the new iPod Nanos will be Touch. I edited their mockup (sloppily) so that you can see the comparison.¬†



iLounge's Mockup


UPDATE: Mac Soda believes that this product exists, but will not kill off the existing iPod Nano. There will be an extra addition to the line: iPod Touch Nano (name not official). This will be the lineup when the updates come…

iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic: The Wheeled iPods

iPod Touch, iPod Touch Nano, iPhone: The Touch iPods

See Here.¬†Microsoft has finally launched their response to Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads. They call it the “Mojave¬†Experiment” and basically called Vista by a different name (Mojave) to try to get rid of the bad association the name Vista has with the general public. I didn’t watch the ads though… I was too busy dragging my mouse over all the tiles!

Random Speculation: Could Mojave be the name of Windows 7?


As much as it pains me to say… Impressive work Microsoft. Touche! It was an impressive idea, and was executed very well.


That seemed so staged to me… as if they took 10 or so people off the street and said “We’ll give you 100 bucks if you act like you really like this. We’ll give you 10 bucks extra for each specific features you saw that you enjoyed.” Personally, I think they’d be better off actually showing them a beta of Windows 7, pay them for those same reactions, and have them build up hype for the OS. Show their reactions to features, but don’t show the actual features. Admit it Microsoft: Vista is a failure.


The opposite of Mac Soda

What I'm Afraid of Seeing...


2.0 has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. One the one hand, I love the third party apps, and on the other hand, I hate the bugs. However, the one things that is going to drive me nuts is the load time. When I power the phone off, I turn it on a good 3 minutes before I plan on using it, because that is how long it takes for the system to power up. The old phone took me 10 seconds. Yes, I have 5 pages of applications, but isn’t that the point of 2.0? To have as many applications as you want to have? Another huge downside to this is the sync time. I have not synced my phone since I plugged it in July 11th to activate it. Why? It takes forever! Instead of 1 minute, it took me 4 hours to get to 75 percent¬†of the backup. If I had kept going, that would have been a 5 hour sync, or 300 times slower.¬†I still have no music on my phone, and have not backed up all my apps, because I can’t go that long without having a phone! And I can’t sync it overnight, because I use it as my alarm clock. Let’s just hope that the next iPhone gains a better processor for loading times, and regains FireWire support.


I really am impressed with 2.0. Sure there are some bugs, and the startup takes a minute or so more to load (God forbid you should have to wait a minute!). But what we get instead through 3rd Party Apps, Exchange and MobileMe Support, and other small, but significant changes, is so huge for the world of technology, that I’ll happily sit through a couple of bugs in order to be a part of this landmark software release.

Mac Soda has received word from a very reliable source that the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros will receive a glass trackpad, as initially reported by 9 to 5 Mac. More interestingly, we have heard that the new laptops will have a multi-touch screen that will rotate 360 degrees. We can expect these laptops to be thinner, and will take design cues from the MacBook Air. Whether these changes will come to the MacBook Air is still uncertain, however, we know for sure thay they will be announced at a media event in September for the same price, and possibly even cheaper. While Mac Soda may be new to the rumor scene, we have strong reason to believe that this is happening.

For up-to-date information on what we’ve heard is coming, visit http://www.touchmacbookpro.com

UPDATE: Turns out there was a giant misunderstanding. The likelihood of the rotating screen being ready for the primetime by September is very slim. Don’t get your hopes up for this product… yet.

UPDATE 2: While I am definitely not as sure as I was before, there is a possibility of it appearing. I’d say the likelihood is 50 percent.

UPDATE 3: I’m sick of this stuff. Don’t expect many more rumors out of Mac Soda

The Future of the Mac

July 26, 2008


Mockup of Touch on the Mac

Increasing evidence has come up to support the fact that Touch Macs are coming our way, and soon. How we will see it is still up for debate. Some believe we will see a “Newton¬†Reincarnation”, and it will be 1.5 times the size of the iPhone, with some more advanced gestures, focusing on bringing back the PDA. Some say we will see a “Mac Tablet”, which will be a device with an 10 inch, multi-touch screen, and no keyboard, but will boast compatibility with both Mac Apps, and the App Store. Finally, there is the group of people who believe that multi-touch will simply migrate to all their products, from the laptops to the cinema displays.


The people who believe that we will see a Newton Reincarnation are dead wrong. Period. The Newton has already been revived: its called the Safari Pad, which was morphed into the iPhone, which is available today. If you don’t want the phone, you can get an iPod Touch, which is more PDA-Like than any PDA I’ve ever seen. To sum it up, the Newton has already been reincarnated, and most of us own one already.

To those that think we will see a Mac Tablet, I think it is possible that something like this would come out, but unlikely. Why sell us a device that combines a Mac and an iPhone when you could sell us both, for more money? Unless this device is outrageously overpriced, I doubt we will see it… yet.

As for those who believe multi-touch will simply migrate over to the Macs we already have: you’re right. I am very convinced that multi-touch will become standard on the MacBook and MacBook Pro (maybe Air) by the end of Quarter 4. This is supported by the fact that Apple’s next quarter’s gross margins are predicted to be lower than was expected: Apple wants to sell these notebooks, with the more expensive multi-touch screen, at the same price point (or lower). These notebooks wouldn’t ditch the keyboard: a huge consumer backlash would result if they did so, but instead would probably be a redesign of both the MacBook and MacBook Pro, with a screen that rotated all the way back. This would give you the best of both worlds: the keyboard and mouse for typing documents and web browsing, and the multi-touch screen for photo editing and playing songs in iTunes. We would finally see all the advanced gestures which Apple filed patents for, incorporated into Mac OS X. Expect these laptops to come thinner than they are now, with some new innovations besides multi-touch, in a month or two.¬†As for the iMacs and Cinema Displays: no multi-touch yet. I doubt that Apple would force multi-touch into the Desktops, as it would be very uncomfortable and¬†impractical¬†for the user. Maybe once Apple tests the waters with the laptops, they will figure out a way to make it work.

Summary: Multi-touch will indisputably (edit: possibly) come to the MacBooks in this quarter.

Welcome to Mac Soda!

July 26, 2008

Hello Mac Soda!

Are you among the group of people who, upon hearing someone say “Apple”, thinks of the company before the fruit? If you see someone walking down the street wearing a black turtleneck, is Steve Jobs the first image to pop in your head? When you see a monkey, do you immediately think of Steve Ballmer screaming on stage? If you answered yes to all these questions, you are in the right place. Mac Soda is the new kid on the block for everything Apple: commentary, news, debates, opinions… and yes, rumors. We will be here during days when the biggest news story is a new “Get a Mac” ad, and we’ll be here during an Apple lover’s paradise: MacWorld. So drop on in whenever you thirst for Apple and have a sip of Mac Soda!


By the way, we promise not to act like the only product Apple makes is iPhone ūüėČ