Yesterday I posted a sarcastic post about how Steve Jobs has been responding to so many questions, and how I believed people were making them up. I completely take that back. I sent Steve an email about a serious problem I have been having in the past, and he actually answered me! Both my question and his response are below.


Mac Soda’s Email:


I am among the many people looking forward to the 2.1 iPhone Software Update. While I have been plagued with the problem of third party apps crashing, and my music library disappearing, I have a more serious issue that has not yet been addressed. Basically, my phone will get frozen on the Apple screen, and can only be cured with a restore. I have had this issue so many times, that I know exactly what causes it. If you install an application or an update through the App Store on the phone, and it freezes, or the phone is restarted, your iPhone will go to this screen, to the point of no return.

I hope this issue if addressed in the 2.1 Update, and hope to hear from you, so I can inform my many friends considering the phone if it will be fixed.



Steve Job’s Reply:


We are working on a software update for September that should fix these problems. Thanks for your patience.



I am very happy to hear this, as it appears Apple is putting a hold on the features for the time being, and taking a serious look at stability, which is what the iPhone truly needs to be successful.

Click the read link for the headers… proof it actually came from Steve.

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Steve Replied to Me!

August 29, 2008

Hey everybody, guess what! I emailed Steve asking him a crazy question, and he answered! Check it out!

My email:


I, along with many others, have a similar question… when will we see multi-touch Macs?

Mac Soda

Steve’s Answer:

Mac Soda,

We will be announcing them at MacWorld 2009.


I replied with another question: and he answered again!

My question:


What did you have for lunch today? I had a bowl of pasta, and was curious what the CEO of Apple would have.

Mac Soda

Steve’s Reply:

Mac Soda,

I had a Greek salad.


OMG!!! Now I know!!!

In all seriousness, it seems kind of strange to me that Steve is all of a sudden answering all these emails. While they may be actual responses, I’m starting to doubt the authenticity of all these emails from “Steve”.

NOTE: I thought I had made this clear, but apparently I didn’t. I never emailed Steve. I was just being sarcastic.

September 9th: Pod Day

August 26, 2008

It is becoming increasingly evident that September 9th will be the day Apple will hold their yearly iPod event. I have posted my predictions, which you can see by scrolling down a few posts. While I’m excited that the event is happening, I’m disappointed the day it will be, because that is the first day of school for me. I had an entire summer, completely open, practically begging for a media event, and Apple rubs it in my face by choosing my first day of school.

At least the MacBooks aren’t coming until the end of September…

Jerry Went to the Dark Side...

Oh, he’s promoting Vista! The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft has hired Jerry Seinfeld, to promote… you guessed it… Vista. From the figures reported, it appears Jerry won’t need to apply for the Bloomingdale’s executive training program, as the Borg is prepared to offer him 10 million dollars to get across this important message: Windows, not Walls. You’ve really outdone yourself this time Microsoft.

In this final attempt to save a dead OS, Microsoft is forgetting one crucial thing: Jerry Seinfeld is a diehard Mac user! The people Microsoft is targeting in these ads, Seinfeld fans, know that Seinfeld is a Mac user because they showed his Mac in every episode, sitting on the back table in his apartment! The people who don’t know this probably don’t watch the show, and therefore won’t relate to the ads because they don’t watch Seinfeld in the first place! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Bill Gates is going to appear with Seinfeld in the ads! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

If this ad campaign doesn’t come across as just another celebrity getting paid way too much money, and a corporation who is pushing too hard to save a dead product, I don’t know what will. But then again, maybe I do.

UPDATE: Chris Rock and Will Ferrell have also been offered the deal. I think its safe to say they will take the 10 million dollars and do the ad.

Get a Mac Ads: Thoughts

August 21, 2008

I just watched the new Mac and PC ads Apple posted, and thought I’d share my thoughts on each one.

Off the Air

This was my least favorite of the four. Boring, nothing really new, but it did get across a point that they are adamant about getting out: a Mac genius will move your files from your PC to your Mac.

Pizza Box

This one would have been good except for one key thing: Apple is doing what they are making fun of PC for doing! With every Mac for students comes a free iPod! It would have been great if Mac had made fun of the Pizza by comparing it with the iPod that Mac buyers get, but instead they said that Apple has its users pick a Mac just because its better, when in fact, they aren’t. Weird…


My favorite of them all. It was so obvious that the guys at Apple wanted to poke fun at the monopoly Microsoft has over the industry, and it came through in this ad. Once again, they mentioned how a genius will move the files over from one computer to the other. The banishment at the end was really funny as well.

Calming Teas

Funny, but I found it compared perfectly with another buggy product: iPhone 2.0. Simply replace “Vista” with “iPhone”, and it works exactly the same! I never thought I would say that as a blogger, but I’ve had some serious issues…

What do you think about the ads? Tell me in the comments, or hit me up on IM.

After posting my iPod Predictions, I was faced with the daunting task of reorganizing 2222 (yes, that’s the number) of songs I have in my iTunes Library into simple folders. After 3 hours, I’m still in the “J”s. I was thinking of a way to organize all my music, when I thought of an idea: iTunes Events. Imagine this: Each month, a new event, or in iTunes’ case, a Mix, is created, which contains all the songs you added from that month. You can skim album artwork, merge, split, hide, and flag songs just like you can in iPhoto. For people with giant music collections (a good number), this would be lifesaving. I really hope to see this in iTunes 8.0, coming next month.

Sample screenshot is below.

As most of you probably know, Snow Leopard is the next version of Mac OS X, and is going to bypass major new features, and instead will focus entirely on stability and speed. Of all the choices Apple has made as a company, I respect them the most for this decision. Leopard had some pretty big bugs when it launched, and while it is generally stable now, it still could be improved. Snow Leopard will be the perfect springboard to make the OS speedy and stable in the years to come, and it also will be highly compelling for Windows Vista users to switch over from the dark side.

As I have said many, many, many, many times before, I have had some serious bugs with iPhone 3G: so serious that I, the most avid of fanboys, have considered switching to a cheap flip phone for a month or so, until the bugs are ironed out. During yesterday’s daily 5 hours without a phone, I was thinking about Snow Leopard for Mac, and then it hit me: maybe we’ll see it on iPhone 3.0 first? After all, iPhone is running Leopard, and was running it before the desktop version came out, so wouldn’t it make logical sense for iPhone to get Snow Leopard sometime early next year? If it got Snow Leopard, it undoubtably would make the phone much more stable, which isn’t just welcome at this point: its needed. Also, it would be great for speed, as I’ve noticed the startup time is extremely slow now, as are application load times. 

What do you think? Will the iPhone 3.0 Software be Snow Leopard? And if so, will we see it on the iPhone before Snow Leopard comes out, or after? Sound off in the comments.


Something tells me we won't see this...

Something tells me we won't see this...

As August nears its end, and September approaches, a few thoughts pop into peoples heads. For some it may be the end of summer, for others the beginning of school. However, for most of the people reading this site, new iPods is the reaction. Undoubtably we will see updates next month: but what exactly will come? Mac Soda offers its predictions.


1. iPod Shuffle: At 49 dollars, its hard to imagine the price dropping anymore. However, I’m sure we will see some sort of an updated design, definitely thinner, and while a screen is possible, its unlikely. More space, and thinner are what to expect here.

2. iPod Nano: Some say touch, others say click wheel. I say both. I believe that just as the iPod Touch didn’t kill off the Classic, the iPod Touch Nano won’t kill off the Nano. The iPod Touch Nano will be extremely thin, and will sport a 2.5 inch screen, with prices starting very cheap (99-149?). Expect 4-8 GB of space. As far as the click-nano is concerned, I believe it will stay fat, add more space, and will come in multiple colors, as 9 to 5 Mac claims. While some are interpreting this as more than one color on the frame, I have a feeling they will be able to change colors, as Apple has a patent for this, and because it would be awesome. Prices should drop in line with the Touch Nano, and space should be boosted.

3. iPod Classic: Thinner, Cheaper, Bigger Hard Drive. Yawn. This is probably the Apple product I care the least about.

4. iPod Touch: GPS should be added. Maybe a camera and speakers and a mic to go with the iPhone. 64 GB of space is possible. While some may think that’s crazy, Steve Jobs said that the iPod Touch will always have more space than the iPhone, so if people expect a 32 GB iPhone, a 64 GB Touch has to come first. I also expect it to be thinner (if that’s even possible: that thing is so thin!), and perhaps sport a plastic or aluminum back. That chrome back scratches too much for my liking as it is now. I also would like to see volume buttons to match the iPhone. Expect a substantial drop in price: As it is now, It doesn’t make sense to pay 499 for a 32 GB Touch, and 299 for a 16 GB iPhone. I’d expect all price points to drop 100 dollars (or at least 50).

5. PowerBook G5. Two Button Mouse. iNintendo. Beatles on iTunes. Steve said he expected them in early 2008, and time’s running out. Remastered catalog, DRM-Free, All albums available immediately plus a new “special” album of some sort (Greatest hits type thing). Paul McCartney Performs at event.

6. iTunes 8.0. iTunes really is in need of some sort of a refresh, a new way to organize and view content. One idea I had was to take the “Events” theme from iPhoto and iMovie and bring it over to iTunes. Basically it would let you view all your music by month, with album artwork appearing as it does in iPhoto for photos. You could skim to view the album artwork, and merge or separate your events. Events could be renamed Mixes. Just one idea out of many possible.

7. iTunes Movie Rentals could become 48 Hours. If Australia has it with the same movies, we will get it too. 

8. NBC Back on iTunes. From Flipping Out, to The Office, to Heroes, they have some of the best content available, and iTunes needs it.

So those are my predictions: sound off in the comments.

NEW PREDICTION: iPod Nano will be given an accelerometer in order to accommodate the new widescreen display. The click wheel could possibly change the text depending on the orientation. And who knows? Perhaps the nanos could come in a rainbow of colors

See here. Australia has finally landed movie rentals in their country, and while this normally wouldn’t be a big deal, for some reason, their rentals last 48 hours. This is exciting for several reasons, with the greatest being that we may see it in the US. If the studios relented down under, who’s to say they won’t relent here in the states? In my eyes, I find it hard to believe Apple agreed to the 24 hour deal. If I could design the system, being realistic, I would have made each rental last one week. You can watch it as many times as you want during that week, but if you don’t start it during the week, you lose it. Simple, realistic, and in the end, everyone’s happy. Another option would be that each rental can be watched once. You can stop it to resume it later, but as soon as it reaches the end (or somewhere near the end), it expires. That way you get one view, but you can start it and finish it whenever you so choose. While the new 48 hour limit for Aussies may still be limiting, its definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully the studios will get it in their systems that DVDs won’t last forever, digital is the future, and therefore will give the customers what they want.

I’m Back

August 13, 2008

I apologize for the lack of posts in the past couple of days. I haven’t stopped crying since I found out that Apple allowed the Jonas Brothers to play at the Apple Store, so haven’t been able to post. Now I have calmed down, and will be posting much more in the following days to make up for lost time.

For more of my thoughts on the Jonas Brothers at Soho, see here.