The Best iPhone Applications

November 30, 2008

Going through my 9 pages of apps today (and many more sitting on my computer), I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any gems that I was missing. I’ve decided to ask the readers of Mac Soda to post their favorite iPhone Applications in the comments. There are only two rules you have to follow. First, you cannot post an application from the Jailbroken world: it must be available on the App Store. Second, you cannot post an application someone else has already posted. The ultimate goal of this is to comprise a master list of the best iPhone applications available.

I’ll kick things off, with Crash Bandicoot, Facebook, Flick Bowling, and Shazam. Now its your turn.



Yes, I was too lazy to flip the image around...

Yes, I was too lazy to flip the image around...

iPhone updates come and go, and every added feature is detailed as thoroughly as can be, leaving no features undiscovered. Today, finally having the time to update to 2.2 (I’ve been really busy this week… sorry for the lack of posts), I discovered one small UI improvement to iPhone OS, and that’s the update progress. Before, the Apple logo would stay on the screen flashing on and off with no indication of how much time remained. Now, Apple has added a progress bar to inform you just how far you are through the update. The geniuses at Cupertino have worked their magic once again!

What’s that you say? Who cares? What’s the point of this useless blog post? Can’t you think of anything better to write? To all those I answer no. No one cares. There is no point. And no, I can’t think of anything better to write. Sure I could write about Black Friday sales, or wish everyone a happy thanksgiving like every other mac blog on the planet, but I feel that the 2.1 inclusion of a progress bar to track your updating status is much more important!

Oh ya, Happy Thanksgiving.

No Thanksgiving post is complete without a picture of a Turkey...


New Apple Ad: Meh

November 24, 2008

Apple tonight released an advertisement in which they tout how environmental friendly the new MacBooks are. While I guess the ad is all fine and dandy and it will appeal to the environment nuts, I feel that they could have created a better commercial for the new MacBooks. Consider the MacBook Air’s “New Soul” commercial: it was a classic advertisement with a Billboard topping song. This advertisement resembles an HP commercial more than an Apple commercial.

The Mac Soda can is half empty on this one.

For those of you who don’t speak Greek, the question being asked is will we see firmware 2.2 as the Greeks declared we would. A whole laundry list of features is coming in 2.2 including Street View and Podcast downloading, and hopefully they will all appear on our iPhones tomorrow, the day the Greeks celebrate the Presentation of the Virgin Mary into the temple.

Let’s hope iPhone Hellas turns out to be ορθή and not a bunch of βουβός.

UPDATE: Never doubt a Greek. Apple woke up bright and early this morning to make 2.2 available to the world. So far no amazing new discoveries, but one cool new feature was discovered: If you have 9 pages of apps, like I do, pressing the home button on any of these pages brings you directly back to the 1st home screen. Simple, but highly effective feature. Thanks Apple!

Via 9 to 5 Mac. I wrote it, and encourage all of you to read it and sound off in the comments.

Steve Jobs’ Magic Kingdom

November 19, 2008

I stumbled across this story on the web today, and thought that all of the Mac Soda readers might enjoy checking it out. Of all the quotes, this one from 2006 caught my attention.

Speculation is rife that Jobs will move Apple fully into the living room, and there’s little reason he wouldn’t. The most likely scenario is that Apple would build a version of its Mac mini that could be attached to a TV and entertainment center so the mini could store family photographs and home videos along with music and videos downloaded from iTunes. Taken to the extreme, the living room of 2010 may no longer need to have a CD-rack, DVD player, TiVo, set-top box, or stereo. All those capabilities could be built into a single box, an Apple TV, or an Apple-branded home entertainment center.

The writer sure nailed the first part of it, so could the second one be true as well? I for one am expecting a redesigned Apple TV soon… hopefully Macworld soon.

This quote is interesting as well.

Then there’s the wireless-phone realm. Apple purchased the domain name years ago and in December trademarked the name Mobile Me. That may suggest it will introduce a mobile phone or personal digital assistant to download songs over the air or sync up with a Mac or PC.

There’s some more gems in the article, so check it out for yourself.

What’s the Deal Steve?

November 18, 2008

You can do it Steve... I know you can.

I love Pixar. I have my entire life, as their movies are way beyond any other animated studio’s films. I was a fan of Pixar long before I was a fan of Apple, so when I found out that Steve Jobs had started Pixar, I was impressed to say the least. The fact that he has such great influence over Pixar and Disney obviously should help him when he goes to negotiate things like iTunes movie rentals. Apparently that’s not the case. 

I was looking through all the Pixar movies on iTunes, and unsurprisingly, they’re all there. Here’s where things start to get weird though… all of the movies are priced at 15 dollars, even though they’re mostly library titles, and none of them are available to rent. Pretty hypocritical of him if you ask me, as he managed to convince all the studios to sacrifice a little profit to make this work, and yet he’s not willing to do it himself. Of all the studios he had to convince to offer movie rentals and library titles for cheaper, you’d think Pixar would far and away be the easiest. In fact, you know that it is the easiest, which is why I’m almost positive that this has to do entirely with how much money they make off of sales rather than rentals. 

Set an example Mr. Jobs: allow us to rent Pixar titles.

iPod Stick: Debunked!

November 17, 2008

Not that it needed to be debunked in the first place, but the rumor posted today which claims an iPod Stick is in store for us at MacWorld, is not accurate. Here’s why.

What’s more interesting, however, is an anonymous tip-off we’ve had concerning the development of a new iPod, codenamed the iPod “Stick”. claims that they received an anonymous tip, but later contradicts themselves.

…our tipster claims to be an employee of Apple and has previously given us the goods on the PAYG iPhone before everyone else.

Huh, that’s funny… I thought you said he was anonymous. If this tipster is anonymous, then how do you know that its the PAYG source who is giving this tidbit?

I think that practically confirms its not real… that and the fact that it is absolutely absurd to begin with. The day this comes true is the day I stop blogging (and the day that commenter BlahBlahBlah gets his lifelong dream).

I woke up today expecting no big news whatsoever. What I got was beyond my wildest dreams. No, its not a new Mac Mini, its not an iTablet, and its not even Final Cut Studio 3.

Its this.

I will compile a full review within the next few days.


Prediction: NetBook

November 14, 2008

I’ve been thinking lately, and I have a prediction regarding a new device I think Apple will release. What is this device? Is it an iTablet? Is it a NetBook?

It’s both.

When Steve said that Apple has a unique approach to the netbook, I didn’t get it at first, but lately its all started to click. The tablet, rumored for years, is likely to be this NetBook everyone’s waiting for. What can we expect out of this device? Here’s what I think.

1. Multi-touch, 8-10 inch screen, close to edges with Black Bezel

2. Laser-cut aluminum.

3. iSight Camera for on-the-go iChat.

4. Wi-Fi and possible 3G/WiMax option

5. Very, very thin.

6. Bluetooth 2.0

7. No keyboard… virtual, but Bluetooth keyboard will work.

8. Works as remote for Apple TV.

9. Based on iPhone OS, not Desktop OS X.

10. Possibly inductive charging dock, like all the patents have shown, but more likely MagSafe.

11. USB/DisplayPort.

12. No optical Drive.

13. 599.

14. MacWorld

15. (upd.) Oh, and Cortex (stay tuned for more information)

Those are my predictions… what do you think?