They say the early bird catches the worm. Unfortunately, if the bird gets up at 2 AM for a worm, he’ll find nothing. Our story from a tipster, who tricked us into believing he worked at Apple, that we posted as if it was true, was wrong. iWork and iLife 09 did not come. Now 9 to 5 Mac reports that iWork 09 and iLife Magic is coming at the Job-less event with a heavy emphasis on the cloud. There is more information coming on that front, so check back daily on 9 to 5 and Soda for the latest news.

On another note, Mac Soda received whispers early this morning from a potential source who claims that iPhone 2.3 will hit us at MacWorld as well, with Copy and Paste, Push Notification, and Email Search finally arriving. Whether this guy is right or not has yet to be seen. We’re very careful about this stuff after the iLife 09 debacle, so don’t take it as gospel yet… we’ll let you know if our main source (who’s been obnoxiously quiet lately) has anymore nuggets of info.


welcome-to-the-endDecember 2007: MacWorld was coming up right around the corner, and the Apple blogosphere was buzzing. From a new Sub-notebook, to iTunes Movie Rentals, stories were being posted daily about some new thing Apple was going to introduce right around the corner.

December 2008: If last year was New York City, this year is New York City as depicted in the movie I Am Legend. Nothing big, if anything at all, is expected out of Apple this January at MacWorld. None of the blogs have rumors of new products that might be coming (besides 9to5). No leaks of any kind have come out. Either Apple increased their secrecy to the point of killing all their buzz, or more likely they wont be introducing anything.

What is the reason behind this huge shift? Apple wrought this buzz kill unto themselves by taking their biggest event of the year and reducing it to a bunch of Schiller tech-babble. The hype generated each year by MacWorld was easily worth the 5 million dollar fee. Instead Apple has decided to take things into their own hands, release products on their own timetable, and scrap Macworld in favor of smaller on-campus events. While this may work just as well as Macworld did, Apple seems to have forgotten the old saying: if it works don’t fix it.

If you had told me a few weeks ago that Jobs wouldn’t do Macworld, I would’ve said you were insane. In fact, I did. After reading a Macrumors story regarding the possibility of Steve Jobs giving the keynote, I gave the following reply…

Absolutely worthless post. 

Let me fill everyone in on a little secret: Steve Jobs will give the keynote no matter what. Period. 

This story isn’t even worth Page 2.

Flash forward a few days, and I was in a state of shock. I was told Santa didn’t exist, my house had burned down, and all my lifes savings had been drained simultaneously. Today I’m not as upset… I understand why Apple made this decision, and frankly I think it may be a good one. But I can’t lie, its really weird to not be concerned about Macworld whatsoever.

And no, Steve Jobs is not dying… if he is, this Macworld announcement is unrelated. The reason Schiller’s giving the keynote is because they are trying to move the attention to their future media events. Steve Jobs=Importance. If Apple pulls something big out of their sleeves at Macworld, then maybe Steve’s in poor health.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2008

iPhone Nano: Real or Fake?

December 23, 2008

Blackberry Bold: Bold Indeed

December 23, 2008

index_devicesI apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been busy spending time with my family over this break, and haven’t had enough time to blog. Besides, nothings really going on… besides Steve Jobs dropping out of MWSF, MacWorld being canceled, and an iPhone Nano (stupid) coming in a month (sarcasm).

Anyways, the point of the post… today I was Christmas shopping and I stumbled into an AT&T Store. I asked a worker to see a working Blackberry Bold, and he handed me his. In short, it is the clearest, crispest, most beautiful screen I have ever seen, ever. I hope Apple gets a cue from this screen for the iPhone G3 (wont that cause confusion…), as it is a sight to behold. On the flip side, I saw the Blackberry Storm also and think it is a piece of junk. It feels cheap, the clicking is a major gimmick, and its way too expensive for what you get.

As of now, my #1 non-iPhone mobile phone is the Blackberry Bold. Congratulations RIM, and I hope Apple can adopt a screen as beautiful as that.

Not yet!

Check it out. Arnold Kim, also known as the Macrumors God, dug up some code in 10.5.6 confirming that the Mac Mini will live on. Furthermore, they also found that the Mac Mini will have the same graphics as the new MacBooks, a welcome addition for any Mac Mini user.

So new iMacs, Mac Minis, Snow Leopard, and possible a new Apple TV… looks like Steve is skipping out on a pretty good keynote!

No MacWorld and No Steve

December 16, 2008

See here. In what could be considered the biggest story of the year, Apple will ended the MacWorld era starting in 2010, and is pulling Steve Jobs out of 2009’s event. Whether Steve’s absence this upcoming year is due to an illness (note that the last time Schiller covered a keynote, Jobs was having surgery), or whether its because Apple simply has nothing big to announce is uncertain.

It will be a very interested MacWorld this year. Whether Jobs is present at the keynote, whether a successor is named, or whether nothing big is announced are three things to keep an eye out for. We’re just as confused as you all are, so feel free to post in the comments your thoughts as to why this is happening.

New Apple TV at MacWorld?

December 16, 2008

picture-23Mac Soda has received word from an anonymous source that a new Apple TV will appear at MacWorld 09.  He didn’t give us much in the way of specifics, but mentioned that Apple is taking the Apple TV “to a whole new level” with a “stunning new enclosure” and that this product will “undoubtably dominate the living room as the iPod dominated music”.

Our trusted source who gave us the nVIDIA scoop has not mentioned anything regarding the Apple TV, so its possible that we may not see any new Apple TV hardware whatsoever, but I pray this guy knows what he’s talking about. I wrote an article for 9 to 5 Mac saying what Apple needs to do for the next Apple TV, so I’ll be very interested to see if Apple applies any of these things. We will keep you posted if we hear any more details.

See here. Not sure if its true or not, but lets sure hope it is. For that matter, lets get the Beatles on iTunes. And a two-button mouse. And PowerBook G5s.

UPDATE: 12:22. DRM is still here.

UPDATE 2: Not until Macworld.

Rumor: Cortex

December 7, 2008

15314You may have read our predictive piece a while back regarding the iTablet/NetBook. While this piece was complete speculation, one part of it wasn’t, and that’s Cortex.

Mac Soda has heard that ARM’s Cortex will in fact be used for a multi-touch Apple device in the near future. What we don’t know is what device this will be. It could be the NetBook/iTouch, it could be the iPhone and iPod Touch, or it could be all of them. What we do know is that Cortex will be coming to at least one touch screen Apple product in the near future.

The most logical device Cortex will appear inside of, in my eyes, is the device I previously detailed. I have a strong feeling this will come, but again, this is not something I heard from a source. The only thing I have heard from a source is this: ARM’s Cortex will be coming to a Touch OS product… soon.

UPDATE: 9 to 5 Mac, the most trusted Apple rumor site around, was given an internal image from ARM which showed OS X on the list of future Cortex products. Seth Weintraub, 9 to 5 Mac’s lead writer, posted it on his ComputerWorld blog.