patent1This is what I like to see! A patent dug up by MacBlogz shows that Apple has a potential interest in creating an app that would allow a simple and collaborative way to storyboard and script a film. With moveable cameras, and actors, this app would be the first Apple pro-app for filming, as opposed to post-production. In my eyes, this is genius. I have been looking for a tool like this for some time, and in my eyes, this would fit the bill perfectly.

Let’s pray this is in Final Cut Studio 3 (along with Shake). If you have any other great ideas for Final Cut Studio 3, leave them in the comments.


What Pulldown menus will look like with Marble

So if you’ve been reading Macrumors, you’ve probably read the story that Snow Leopard will give the entire UI an overhaul, replacing Aqua with something called Marble. People have been wondering what exactly it will look like, and I think I have their answer.

I just got iLife 09, and perhaps the first noticeable difference is how polished everything is. It looks, feels, and performs out of this world. Of all the iApps, the one that struck me as being the best looking is iMovie. The pull down menus are stunning, core animation flows like butter, and the overall look and feel is far superior to that of any application Apple has ever released. This look and feel carried over to iPhoto and Garageband as well, and once using it for a while, you can see where Apple is heading. Everyone: this is what Marble will be like. Get used to it.

iLife 09: First Impressions

January 27, 2009

picture-100iLife 09 came, and I am partly amazed, and partly disappointed. Here’s the rundown…

iMovie 09: iMovie is amazing. While I wasn’t a big fan of the last overhaul, its clear that that it was paving the way for this iMovie. With amazingly advanced features, such as quality filters, precision trim and stabilization, it easily takes the cake as the best entry level editing program. On top of that, it is downright gorgeous. The menus, the core animation, and the overall look and feel is simply stunning. You really need to see it for yourself. Overall score: 5.

iPhoto 09: Faces is awesome. Places is average. While I’m sure for some places will be amazing, for me, so far, its not that big of a deal. On the other hand, the face detection technology in iPhoto is revolutionary. Tagging faces is a breeze, and it does an excellent job detecting people. The only problem I’ve found with it is when someone’s head is titled to the side, it tends to throw it off, and when you take pictures at a sporting event, it can get a little irritating when every face in the background is tagged. Also, like iMovie, the interface is top-notch. Ultimately, Faces alone makes this iPhoto upgrade successful. Overall: 5, because of Faces.

iWeb 09: Disappointing. The potential Apple has with iWeb is extremely high, but they’re blowing it. It seems as though they put very little effort into this upgrade, as only two new themes have been added. The overall look and feel is very much improved over the past version, and domain name support has been worked on, but that’s not enough to convince me to leave WordPress yet. Overall: 2.5.

Garageband 09: So in a nutshell, this update to garageband is stellar. The lessons are very interesting, the create a new project menu has been updated to look more like Logic (in a very good way), but most importantly, the interface has been perfected. It is off-the-hook unbelievable. I had a ton of issues with the last Garageband, and this is unreal what they’ve done. Seriously. If you use Garageband, this is enough reason to buy iLife 09. Overall: 5, hands down.

iDVD 09: Apple didn’t even add a few new themes. Its exactly the same as the last one. What a shame Apple. Overall: 0.

So those are my first impressions of the program. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll address them. Overall, I have to say the 79 dollars is more than worth it. Buy it now, unless the only application you use is iDVD.

iLife 09 Came!

January 27, 2009

photo-1I just checked my mail, and iLife 09 and iWork 09 both came! I will post unboxing photos soon and my full impressions once I’ve had enough time to play with the app.

And It Continues

January 26, 2009

I read a story today regarding Steve potentially having surgery today. I am sick of rumors about Steve’s health, and I refuse to link to the people who reported the story. Even if he is sick, you know he doesn’t want you to report it, so just keep quiet to honor a dying man’s wishes. If he isn’t actually getting surgery, then your wrong, so don’t report it. Either way, DONT REPORT IT. I’m sick of hearing about Steve’s health… let’s hear some stuff about Apple TV/Final Cut Studio/iMac/Mac Mini/iPhone G3/etc, etc etc.

I Can’t Help Myself…

January 20, 2009




















Left: Dick Cheney at the inauguration, Right: Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life.

The Truth

January 16, 2009

Dan Lyons, who we know as Fake Steve, wrote an extraordinarily accurate piece about Apple’s PR. While it may seem negative, bitter or hateful, its true. Go check it out for yourself. As bad as it sounds, he’s right.

I’m tired of bloggers speculating about his health, and I know he is too. So I’m not going to say any of my thoughts regarding the matter whatsoever. All I’m gonna say is get well soon Steve. You can read the full letter here.

Live Green or Die Hard

January 13, 2009

Check out this video I made in Final Cut Pro… I think you guys will enjoy it. 

While on the topic of Final Cut Pro, when do you think we’ll see Final Cut Studio 3? Now that Apple is done with trade shows, i.e. NAB, will there be a special event to cover it, or will it just be a silent update?

Never. Now all the sites should just drop it right here. Apple Insider is wrong.

Let me leave you with a quote

I spoke with Phil Schiller after his talk. I asked him if he could be any more specific about why Apple pulled out of the Macworld Expo—to the heartbreak of the Mac faithful who have loved making the pilgrimage to this event for 25 years.

He said what the Apple press release said—that Apple stores introduce more people to Apple’s products in a week than 100 Macworld Expos. Trade shows just aren’t worth the effort and the money.