big-blue-noodle-productionsjpgAfter attracting so many faithful readers to MacSoda, I thought I would expand my talking points a little. I have had so many links to videos and funny clips and interesting articles that I’ve wanted to share with you all, but haven’t been able to through the setting of an Apple blog.

Enter my new website. The purpose of this site isn’t going to be me talking about myself or anything along those lines, but rather just a place where I can share links to funny/cool/interesting pictures and videos that I find on the internet. Its all presented in a very Facebook-like manner, with comments being visible directly on the front page. I also would love for people to email me ( links to things that they would like to see me post… if I like it to, I’ll add it to the feed.

Enjoy the site, and I’d love to hear feedback from you!



So I’ve been reading a ton of comments lately with people wondering the same thing… what’s going on with Final Cut Studio 3? I tried to explain as best as I could, but I know you all have more questions. Here’s my solution… if you have a question regarding upcoming features, details, pricing, whatever regarding the new Final Cut, send me an email at I’ll answer what I can, and if I don’t know the answer I’ll pass it over to my guy and see if he can answer some of the questions.

Ask away…

picture-2Listen up everyone! After a false alarm, I spoke with my source and got some things clarified. Here’s the deal: Major updates to Apple’s Pro Apps will be coming at WWDC this year. We’ve heard that there will be native RED and XDCAM support. There will be a major UI overhaul in Color. There will be a new Motion/Shake.

On top of all that, there will be major speed enhancements. When I say major, I mean major, major, major. Apparently Final Cut Studio 3 running in Snow Leopard is unlike anything you’ve ever seen when it comes to professional video editing. Expect graph after graph at the keynote comparing the speed differences from FCS2 to FCS3. It will ship at the same time as Snow Leopard, as many of the new features will be reliant on what Snow Leopard has to offer.

So there you go. Again, I am now absolutely positive that WWDC is the date. Sorry for the prior confusion and for getting your hopes up falsely. However, I’m sure this will be worth the wait… after all, speed is probably the single most important update FCS3 could bring.

UPDATE: 9to5Mac heard the same thing. Consider it good as done people!

UPDATE 2: Expect to see it with Snow Leopard… there’s been a change in Apple’s plans.

FCS 3: Where is it?

April 21, 2009

Well this is depressing. After hearing confirmation from my source that today would be the day we would finally see Final Cut Studio 3 today, it didn’t come. Remember that this is the same source who gave me the information regarding the nVIDIA chips in the unibody MacBooks, so he’s definitely trustworthy. I’ll post exactly what he sent me so that you can decipher it for yourselves.

The new Final Cut Studio: coming next Tuesday. Native RED + XDCAM support. Motion overhaul (with Shake). Major UI work in Color. New Logic also.

This was sent to me on Wednesday of last week. Perhaps by “next Tuesday” he didn’t mean today, but this coming Tuesday? I don’t know. Hopefully that is the case, or he’ll have some explaining to do.

Sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up. Let’s hope he was right and it was a misread on my part.

picture-238Hey filmmakers around the country, listen up! Mac Soda has learned that the next version of Final Cut Studio is going to be announced at WWDC. Features will include a Shake replacement, RED and XDCAM support, and a UI overhaul in Color. We have not heard any details regarding pricing, but we assume it to be priced the same as the past editions.

Also of note, Apple will simultaneously release the next Logic Studio. We have not heard any specific features that it will ship with. Personally, I have been waiting head over heels for this product to be announced, and am very excited that June 8th is the day.


i30 Rock

April 14, 2009


Check out this clip from Thursday’s 30 Rock. I’ve noticed a lot of Apple references on TV Shows lately… I’m starting to get the vibe that the writers are MAJOR Apple fans (like us). Enjoy!

Today is a sad day in the world of digital music. Despite how hard Steve Jobs tried, the record companies won the iTunes pricing war, as the new variable pricing announced at Macworld has finally come into effect. Essentially what this means is the music you want to buy costs 1.29, the music you might buy costs .99 and the music you probably don’t care about costs .69. Nothing can stop this apparently… not even Steve Jobs. However, I think I have a solution.

Everyone must boycott all $1.29 songs. Do whatever you have to do not to buy it from iTunes. If the .69 tracks become popular enough, eventually the record companies might see that more sales from the lower priced tracks make more money than fewer sales from the higher priced tracks, and perhaps they’ll start to change the prices of the songs. If we continue to buy 1.29 tracks, the record companies will bump more songs to that price, and perhaps someday bump them even higher. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS. Join my cause, and perhaps someday we can go back to a time when all songs were priced a consistent, beautiful, 99 cents.

picture-228Listen up everyone. Mac Soda has heard  that today’s news of Apple ordering 3.2 and 5 MP cameras is true… however, they are not going to be used for separate devices. According to a Mac Soda source, who has been very accurate about iPhone news in the past, the next iPhone will have two cameras on it, one on the front and one on the back. While he didn’t specifically mention what camera will be on what side, I think its fairly safe to assume that the 3.2 MP camera will be on the front, and the 5 MP one will be on the back. Both cameras will not only be able to shoot video for video conferencing, but they will also be able to record normal videos that can then be stored on the phone, edited, and uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, and MobileMe.

Personally, this is something I really wanted on iPhone 3G, and I will be thrilled if he’s right about this. He also mentioned that the phone will be announced at WWDC, and it will go on sale a few weeks later, but I think by now that’s common knowledge.

We’ll be quick to let you all know if we hear anything else, but for now enjoy this tidbit of info!

UPDATED: As it turns out, the 3.2 megapixel camera is on the back of the iPhone, a .3 MP camera is on the front of the iPhone, and the 5 MP camera will be used for the 10 inch tablet. Sorry for the misunderstanding.