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Of course, its definitely a threat to the iPhone. It has a touch screen, its plays music, its sleek! Why would I ever choose an iPhone over a Zune HD?

Oh ya.. that’s right. Zune HD isn’t a phone.


So that new Final Cut Studio 3 I was talking about that’s being announced at WWDC? Apparently the two years we waited wasn’t in vain. Read about this new feature that’s coming. Now wipe the tears of joy that are inevitably streaming from your face.

Get ready for next Monday… its gonna be big.

Picture 39iLounge reported yesterday that there will be three models of the next iPhone: 3G, 3.5G, and a China Version. We have just been told that this is accurate information, and we will hear about it at WWDC, along with Snow Leopard, Final Cut Studio 3, and Logic Studio 2. While I wasn’t given confirmation regarding the iPod Nano having a camera, due to the fact the info came from the same source, I have to believe it is real as well.

Let’s recap what the next gen iPhone(s) will have, according to our sources and others as well..

– 3.2 Megapixel camera on the back with the ability to shoot video.

– Up to 32 GB of storage.

– 3G on an overseas model, 3.5G on the US model, and a special model for China.

– Frontside camera for, presumably, video chat.

– Primitive Video Editing on the phone. Immediate export to Youtube, MobileMe.

– Ability to download movies, tv shows, and music videos directly to the phone.

– Cortex Processor

– Double the RAM

– Vastly improved camera software, including zoom, photo-editing, and photobooth effects (unconfirmed).

– Matte plastic enclosure, despite our dreams of aluminum (curse you plastic!)

– ┬áCompletely unconfirmed, but we’ve recently heard whispers regarding an OLED screen on the next iPhone. Take this one with a grain of salt.

Steve Jobs won’t be giving the WWDC Keynote. At least that’s what Apple says… perhaps he’ll make a surprise appearance? That would sure boost the stock. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Perfect Response

May 12, 2009

Its videos like this that make me love Apple. Well done Apple, well done.

Enough said… don’t give AT&T any ideas.


Greeks from around the Apple world, rejoice! Apple has finally given into the demands of the founders of democracy and added a Greek language keyboard in iPhone 3.0! From my initial tests, I’ve found it to be very responsive, and I truly enjoy having it on my phone. For those of you Hellenists who aren’t developers, your phones will be much more functional come July!

This is a short tech story, not tied to Apple, but I thought I would share it with you all. Last night I saw a comedian who was visiting a college near me, and she asked the audience a simple question: “How many of you have a Facebook?”. The audience erupted in cheers, clapping and screaming their praise for the social networking site. She then asked the audience “How many of you use MySpace?”. The audience was silent, followed by laughter at the silence, followed by individual students yelling out negative things about MySpace. Any evidence I needed had just been confirmed: MySpace is officially dead.

She then asked another question… “What do you guys think the next big thing is?”. To my surprise, the entire crowd, practically simultaneously shouted “Twitter!!!”. Then she asked “Does anyone here actually have a Twitter?”, and a ton of people yelled “No!” followed by enormous laughter.

This whole experience got me thinking about what the next big thing really is on the internet. I know the crowd yelled Twitter, but the fact nobody actually had one made me think that it isn’t the next big internet site. So my question is this… what do you think the future of the internet is? Let me know in the comments.