WWDC: Predictions Revisited

June 8, 2009

screaming-man.jpgWell, well, well. WWDC came and went, and no Final Cut Studio. Commenters are calling me a complete failure, and rightfully so… I really screwed this one up. I don’t know what happened. I was told it would arrive with a public beta of Snow Leopard, so were a number of other sites, and it didn’t come. I apologize deeply to anyone who’s hopes I got up with this rumor… I’m just downright baffled. I can assume at this point that it will come in September with Snow Leopard, as the two are complete dependent on each other. All I can say is this: there was definitely a change in Apple’s plans, because today we were supposed to have a Public Beta of Snow Leopard with Final Cut Studio 3, and it didn’t come. Time will tell to see why they changed their plans, and I’ll be sure to have a talk with some people, but for now I guess patience is the way to go. For those saying Apple’s abandoning their pro apps, that’s ludicrous. Their latest Final Cut Studio is far in development, but obviously they decided to wait for Snow Leopard to be finished. As for the rest of my pre-event predictions, let’s see how I did.


This will definitely be the major focus of the event, at least in the eyes of the public. With the Palm Pre coming soon, and tough competition from RIM, Apple needs to introduce something that people want… unless it wants to go the way of the RAZR. Here’s what we think Apple will show off for the third coming of the iPhone, categorized under probability.


– 3.2 Megapixel camera with Auto-Focus. Face it… the iPhone desperately needs a better camera, and all the evidence points to this coming. No doubt we won’t see this. Yup, and auto white balance too.

– Video recording. The iPhone will be able to shoot, edit, and upload videos to Youtube and MobileMe. Yes.

– Matte Plastic enclosure. As much as it pains me to say (I’m dying for aluminum), I can say with certainty that the next iPhone will look almost identical to this one. Not matte plastic, but it is identical to iPhone 3G.

– 600-800 MHz ARM Cortex Processor. The iPhone needs speed boosts drastically, and this will deliver them. Yes, despite what some people think.

– Twice the RAM. Now Safari won’t always crash when music is being played. Yes.

– Up to 32 GB of storage. With the amount of apps increasing, and the file size (and price) of iTunes music increasing, this is a must. Yes.

– Digital compass, with stand alone app for it. Yes.

– Three different Models: a 3.5G Model for the countries that can’t support this doubled speed, a standard 3G model for countries that can’t, and a model just for China. No country will sell any two of these models… one per country. Not publicly announced, but from the looks of it, this is the case. We’ll be able to know for sure once they start shipping.


– Front side, .8 MP video camera for Video Conferencing. We were pretty sure about this to begin with, but recent reports and things we’ve heard have given us enough doubt not to guarantee it. While there’s still a good chance (and a definite chance by iPhone 4), its not a good enough chance to confirm with no doubt whatsoever. Nope, our suspicions were confirmed.

– OLED Screen. We heard unconfirmed rumors that this will come, but we have our doubts. This is just a possibility… not guaranteed, but not a long shot. Nope, didn’t come… that’s why we didn’t guarantee it.

– iTunes Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos able to download over the air. Almost 100 percent sure about this, but not sure enough to post in the guarantees. Yup, it came.

– Premium App Store. Rumors circulated about an app store with 19.99 games that were far superior in quality to other app store offerings. No, thank God.

– While there are three different models total, its possible that within each country there will be more models (i.e. iPhone nano-type device). This is least likely of anything I’ve listed, but I figured I’d write it for reader interest. Yes and no. Not an iPhone nano, but in each country there is more than one device… iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, with 3G being at a cheaper price.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard hasn’t really been talked about in detail at any Apple event, but that will change on Monday. Expect the next big cat to steal a substantial portion of the show, showing off all the under-the-hood improvements, new features, and a release date. I expect to hear about Marble, Apple’s UI replacement for Aqua. While details about it have been scarce, I figured out the second I played with iLife 09 what it will look and feel like. Check it out here. They did spend a considerable amount of time showing off the under-the-hood improvements, new features, and they set a release date and price. Nothing on Marble.

Also, Snow Leopard will be available as a public beta shortly after the keynote. While this may sound like a Microsoft move, its happening, so get ready to play around with 10.6 very soon. No, amazingly enough. This is why we didn’t see Final Cut Studio 3.

Final Cut Studio 3

Digital Dream/Films… the time you’ve so patiently waited for has finally arrived. Final Cut Studio 3 will finally show its face at WWDC 2009, as we reported earlier. I’ll reiterate what I posted previously…

There will be RED and XDCAM support. There will be a major UI overhaul in Color. There will be a new Motion/Shake.

On top of all that, there will be major speed enhancements. When I say major, I mean major, major, major. Apparently Final Cut Studio 3 running in Snow Leopard is unlike anything you’ve ever seen when it comes to professional video editing. Expect graph after graph at the keynote comparing the speed differences from FCS2 to FCS3.

Due to the speed updates, Final Cut Studio 3 will require Snow Leopard to run. As a result of this, it will be available whenever Snow Leopard is. September.

This means there are two possibilities. The first is that Apple will take pre-orders for FCS3, and ship it when Snow Leopard comes out (August-October). The other possibility is that Apple could ship Final Cut Studio 3 immediately after the keynote, with the catch being it will only install on computers with Snow Leopard installed. Or the possibility is that they’ll wait for Snow Leopard to ship before announcing it, which was obviously what they decided to do.

Also expect to see Logic Studio 2. We are unaware of any new features for the box set, we just heard that it will arrive. With Final Cut Studio 3.

Pricing is expected to be the same for both FCS3 and LS2.

Sorry for this one people… be patient until Snow Leopard comes out.


The MacBook lineup will see updates at WWDC. Speed bumps, better hard drives, better battery, yada yada yada. The key thing to look out for is that 3G wireless might be added to all of the MacBooks, which should make a lot of people excited.

MacBooks did see updates, but no 3G. Again, 3G was a prediction not something we were told.

Other Stuff

There’s a bunch of other stuff that could be updated that we haven’t heard anything about. The cinema displays could see the design change across the line… or some sort of price drop. No. The Apple TV could be upgraded (just something Apple… please!). No. Apple could shock the world with a midsized tower or… GASP… the iTablet/NetBook we’ve been talking about for almost a year. No. But more than anything, Apple followers want to see one thing come… and that’s Steve Jobs. No. What if Schiller thanked everyone for coming, and then Jobs’ voice came over the speaker saying “But there is one more thing!”, followed by him walking on stage to the screams of the crowd, and introducing the newest iPhone. Only time will tell. No. This category was all rampant speculation, and as a result it was wrong (as expected).

That’s about it. We did well on iPhone/MacBook predictions, did okay on Snow Leopard predictions, and bombed the Final Cut Studio rumor. Post comments/rants/threats to never read this site again in the comments.


4 Responses to “WWDC: Predictions Revisited”

  1. YOU STINK said

    Dear MacSoda Rumors….


    Steve Job

  2. @ YOU STINK

    As much as I enjoy reading your opinion, swearing is not tolerated on Mac Soda.

  3. Ike Stone said

    You shouldn’t apologize. Apple should apologize since changing their name from Apple Computer to Apple. I cannot believe how they have let Shake wither away. They seem to get a perverse joy out of pissing off their most loyal fan base. Making matte screens a special order. Removing then adding Firewire to their 13″ notebook. No blu-ray support. No new 30″ cinema display. They must add blu-ray support with Final Cut Studio 3! I returned to Apple because of applications like iMovie and Final Cut. I don’t want to download movies. I’d rather own a disc. I think that abandonment of discs for downloadable content will be seen as a setback once adopted. Everyone likes a tangible object. People love to collect. I wish they’d drop this whole iTV concept down the toilet. Maybe for cheap downloaded “rentals”, but who wants to pay $10 for a download on some harddrive that could get trashed? Sorry…I’m ranting. But we finally get one HD disc as standard, now this. Why force us to adopt to this plan? I can wait until next year for blu-ray support. But it seems rather shitty to do this to all those working videographers who supported mac and gave them their reputation as a “professional graphics machine” over pc’s, now just to focus on iphones and ipods.

  4. blah said

    Hey Mike,

    I’m not blaming you at all. I think that you did a really great job at predicting this stuff. It’s hard, you know 😀

    I’m just sad that there was no public beta of Snow Leopard, that’s what I really wanted. There are other ways to get that, though 😉


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