Youtube Max File Size Doubled

June 25, 2009

Picture 155Yesterday I tried posting my latest short film on Youtube, but couldn’t because the file size was slightly over the 1GB limit. Today, I degraded the quality slightly, for it to fit the limit. To my surprise, when I was about to click upload, I notice a change on the site… Youtube’s maximum allowed file size is now 2GB! This should definitely help boost the quality of some of the longer films, including mine.

While I know this post isn’t directly Apple related, I thought I would share the info with you anyways.


4 Responses to “Youtube Max File Size Doubled”

  1. blah said

    Thks for the info! 😀

  2. blah2 said

    at least you weren’t completely wrong again.

  3. blah said

    shut up blah2

  4. bob said


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