So last week we were treated to Christmas in July… Final Cut Studio 3 was released to the public, a month delayed. I ordered it the second it was available, and have edited a short film on it to test it out. My verdict? A ton of useful new features, some very helpful, but no radical changes whatsoever. I will rate 10 features a day for the next 10 days, until I’ve reviewed every new feature there is. Here’s the Breakdown, feature by feature, rated 1-10 on usefulness… the first 10 features (all from Final Cut Pro 7).

Picture 179

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Why? Because I can have it at a Microsoft Store, yippee!

Picture 46

The leaked image from Microsoft that broke the Birthday news...

I was thinking it could go something like this…

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Merry Christmas

July 23, 2009

CBR001132And a Happy New Year. Apple released the new versions of Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio about a month late… but nevertheless they finally arrived. Check out Apple’s page for features and to order.

Features include ProRes and XDCAM support, Blu-Ray support, sharing via iChat Theater, flexible markers, improved speed tools, and much more.

(UPDATE) My full review will come soon… I’m editing a short film that will be a perfect test for the new features. So far, some are delivering, others are not.

steve-ballmer-cp-6056828.jpgBallmer gave an inspirational talk today about computers in 10 years. Here are the fun bits, analyzed.

When you type the word “Chicago” into a search engine, it will be able to determine whether you meant the city, the band or the musical based on your Internet history.

Uh-huh. So assuming you once looked up the musical Chicago, if you ever plan to learn anything about the city it will be on a far back page? Let’s say I once looked up information about the city Chicago… would that mean that if I ever wanted to listen to tracks from the band, by search engine would be bombarded with information about the city? People look up stuff because they don’t already know about it… how could a computer searching what you’ve already looked up and putting it in your face help you if you want to learn something new?

He said that about half of today’s Fortune 500 companies were launched during a recession, and that companies can help themselves and the country out of its funk through research, development and innovation.

So far I’ve seen Microsoft spend a ton of money on R&D, heard Steve Ballmer talk innovation up a tree, yet haven’t really seen anything that would justify their spending.

He said a big part of the future of computing is in determining users’ intent.

User’s though: “I hate this computer, I need to get rid of it and buy a new one.”

Computer’s response: “Terminate User”

Picture 37

This kind of bulk wont be added to the iPhone...

So today’s hot rumor is that Apple is planning on introducing an iPhone with a built-in projector, along with others, including Nokia. This rumor doesn’t make sense on a number of levels. First, if Apple were to add this to the iPhone, not only would it suck every last drop out of the battery, it would add substantial bulk to the iPhone’s design… something I doubt Apple would do. Also, Apple just released a brand new iPhone, iPhone 3GS. Could you imagine the backlash Apple would get if they released a new iPhone by year’s end? The price drop backlash would seem like nothing. Now Digitimes has proven to be a solid source of Apple rumors in the past… so why mention Apple’s name if they didn’t actually hear about something? The answer I think is this: their story is correct, but the internet’s interpretation of the story isn’t.

International brand vendors, including Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Apple, reportedly all plan to launch handsets with built-in micro projectors by the end of this year, indicated the sources, adding that Foxlink is likely to benefit from the emerging trend due to its strong business relationships with Nokia and Apple.

Handset doesn’t necessarily mean phone. Just because Nokia is almost entirely a phone company, Samsung’s phones are a big part of their business, and Apple has the iPhone, doesn’t mean that this is the only connection between the three companies. So what is the connection then? All three companies make mp3 players, but if putting one of these projectors in a phone is unlikely, an mp3 player is even more unlikely. Apple makes computers, and Samsung and Nokia don’t, so that can’t be it. Besides, computers aren’t handheld. Nokia and Samsung both have handheld tablet computers, and Apple doesn’t, so that can’t be… oh wait. From what I recall from Digitimes, Apple has plans to introduce an iTablet by years end… which would fit perfectly into this projector rumor.

So wake up internet… the micro-projectors wouldn’t be used in these three companies phones. They’re going to be used in their handheld tablet computers.