Along with a slew of goodies introduced by our favorite fruit today, a new mouse with multitouch technology was released today. Dubbed the “Magic Mouse“, it will be available at the end of the month.

After browsing Apple’s updated store for a little, I came across something interesting… the Mighty Mouse wasn’t replaced. For some reason, Apple is still selling the Mighty Mouse they had before… but renamed, “Apple Mouse“, presumably because of a little neusance called the US Patent and Trademark Offices. Perhaps Apple doesn’t feel confident that multitouch will please everyone… similar to another updated product in which the old model remained.


So says Seth Weintraub, and based on a few chats with him and others, its pretty certainly legit. The question I asked was “Since when is there an FM Tuner in my phone?”. Apparently its been there since the first iPhone, just never utilized by Apple with no APIs supporting it. My guess is we’ll see this nice software update at the next event, perhaps with new iMacs/MacBooks/Keyboards. But that’s just my guess…