Tethering Works on 3.1.3!

February 28, 2010

I’ve been dreading the day I “upgraded” my iPhone 3GS from version 3.0. Sure MMS looked appealing, and there were other goodies I wanted, but tethering was such a beautiful feature I couldn’t give it up.

Things just changed… I updated my 3.0 phone to 3.1.3 today, and tethering still works! I don’t know how or why, but it does, and that’s all that matters for me. If this interests you, I recommend trying to install tethering again… you might be surprised at what happens!


Recent firings by Apple have sent many video professionals into a frenzy, leading many to speculate that Apple has plans to sell off it’s Final Cut Studio suite of applications… perhaps even with an announcement around NAB. Needless to say anyone who uses Final Cut on a regular basis is rightfully terrified by these rumors.

Good news everyone… there’s no need to worry. Responding to a Mac Soda request for comment, regarding the state of Final Cut Pro, Steve Jobs said the following…

No worries. FCP is alive and well.

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Hopefully this will put to rest this issue once and for all. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again… Final Cut Studio is alive and well, and Apple has no intentions of leaving this market.

The State of Final Cut

February 20, 2010

I’m sure by now you’ve read most of the responses to the fact that Apple fired 40 employees of it’s Final Cut team. “Apple is killing the Pro Apps”, “All Steve Jobs cares about is the iPad”, “I guess Apple is just a gadget company now… they’ll probably stop making computers all together.” I’m here to tell you that everyone is reading this completely the wrong way.

Apple is NOT, I repeat NOT killing Final Cut Studio. Final Cut Studio dominates the film industry (a large industry for that matter), and as a result of it’s Mac-only nature, it leads to a ton of Mac purchases… the expensive Macs. Apple has enough money to keep Final Cut Studio running without issue… there’s no chance they will kill it.

Now that that’s out of the way, what does this mean? Three words: trimming the fat. Steve Jobs has said time and time again in keynotes that it’s not how many people are working on a product that makes it good, but the quality of people. Simply put, 40 people weren’t doing a good job. It’s not cost cutting… Apple doesn’t need to do that. It’s quality control.

The timing is worth noting as well. As I stated before, I received word that Apple plans on releasing a new Final Cut Studio by year’s end… a dramatic break from their usual 2-3 year cycle. Perhaps these people were doing a poor job meeting their deadlines, and Apple decided to take an axe to their slow productivity? Perhaps the new Final Cut Studio has just been completed, and now that it’s finished, Apple can get rid of the people that did a poor job during the process? Or perhaps, and this is what I consider the most likely, these people have nothing to do with the Final Cut Studio programming team and held other jobs simply not needed anymore. Remember that Apple’s AppleCare team is located in Austin, where the report says some of the people were fired.

Simply put, I don’t know which of these scenarios is correct. But frankly, it doesn’t matter, because I can definitively say that Final Cut Studio is alive and well, and Apple has no intentions of leaving this market.