Apple's new target demographic for Final Cut Studio, should the rumors be believed.

UPDATE: Apple has issued an official response to, saying that the pro customers will “love” the next version of the editing suite. While it doesn’t eliminate the chance that Apple will gear FCS3, in my mind the fact that Apple went out of their way to squash the rumor suggests it’s untrue. My prediction is that Final Cut Express will receive the modified consumer-friendly changes, with Final Cut Pro’s focus remaining as is.

Apple Insider reports that Apple is looking to gear the new version of Final Cut Studio towards consumers instead of professionals, despite the fact that Final Cut Studio is a professional program. Not that this rumor isn’t completely surprising considering Apple’s recent iPhone/iPad trend, but this would be a serious mistake on Apple’s part. Creative Professionals would be forced to use different software (most notably a certain offering from Apple’s very public enemy), meaning Apple couldn’t lead the charge regarding video formats, meaning ProRes, H.264, and even Quicktime’s future could be left in trouble. This would resonate not only through the creative community, but ultimately to the iPhone OS, with less content available in Apple’s desired formats.

Out of fear, and hoping for some reassurance, I sent Steve Jobs another email. I reposted it after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »