Apple’s inevitable translation of the iOS App Store to the Mac has been expected for a while, and now (ironically on the Christian holiday of Epiphany) has finally been revealed and released to the public. My personal experience has been all positive, save for the ability to find the apps I want, and I truly do think this is the way of the future for software distribution.

It was interesting to see how Apple released Aperture on the App Store for a staggeringly low price of 80 dollars. For professional photographers, but especially amateur photographers who want to be professional, this is a fantastic development, and it got me thinking about the rest of Apple’s pro lineup. Theoretically, when Apple releases the next radically improved Final Cut Studio in the next few months, might they consider releasing it (and logically Logic Studio as well) via the Mac App Store? The obvious answer is yes, but the even more obvious answer is no, for while Apple would love to take full advantage of their new distribution platform, the size of these applications are staggering, an impossibility over the average internet connection. However, it’s not the applications themselves that take up so much space, but rather the content, such as the soundtrack loops and motion content. Perhaps Apple will offer up the applications themselves on the Mac App Store for cheaper and begin selling most of the content separately? Or maybe they’ll just let the dozens of GB download over the course of several hours and simply indicated it before you agree to purchase? Or maybe, at least for the time being, they’ll leave it exactly as it is now?

What do you all think?