Here We Go Again

March 9, 2011

Christmas Season – the time of year in which there is no Apple news. The rumor mill is literally pin-drop quiet. Why is this the case? If you ask Steve Jobs, he’ll refer to his favorite quote… “Isn’t it funny a ship that leaks from the top?” Simply put, the rumor mill (for the most part), is completely controlled by Apple. They won’t admit it, and they’ll act like they are appalled by the behavior, but it’s mostly a charade. There are definitely some things that are leaked which is not in accordance with Apple’s desires — the iPhone 4 Gizmodo debacle being the most notorious incident — but for the most part, the higher ups at Apple like clockwork leak rumors regarding certain products just at the right time.So the Christmas season is always dead quiet because the last thing Apple wants is for Christmas shoppers to read on the front page of the New York Times on December 21st that a brand new iPad is coming out in January. They’d cannibalize their most profitable quarter. But you can bet your bottom dollars that as soon as the 12 lords leap, they will be quick to start the buzz again for their next product.

This year, we saw the Verizon iPhone begin getting coverage immediately after new years, only to be released a few weeks later. Then whispers emerged about the iPad… it was subsequently announced a few weeks after that. Now, per usual, an early April media event is expected in which iOS 5 will be promoted in accordance with a MobileMe overhaul. Nothing to phone home about. And of course, Apple is now slowly creating buzz over the next iPhone, creatively dubbed by the rumor mill “iPhone 5.”

The rumors are saying that the next iPhone will have a larger 4 inch screen, be thinner (SHOCKER), and be faster. It’s even claiming that the back will be made of aluminum. Are these incredible additions to the iPhone that will change the way we use it forever? Not at all. But by building hype for the phone over 3 months before it will actually be announced, Apple’s turning a simple product introduction into a Messiah of sorts. When it finally arrives, it won’t just be another phone… it will be a fulfilled prophesy. That’s the genius of the way Apple controls their product propaganda. They don’t ever say a word officially about a product that isn’t ready to ship. But instead of sending “updates” and showing what they’re working on publicly, they very carefully leak small bits of information to the media. They absolutely go nuts when an employee leaks information without their approval… one man was fired that morning of the iPad introduction for showing it to Steve Wozniak an hour before the keynote. But that’s because they’ve figured out just the right amount that should be leaked, covering the balance between creating buzz and being surprising. Any leaked info unsanctioned by Apple becomes a liability to what Apple has so masterfully figured out.

So when you see the latest iPhone 5 bezel and screen, don’t deceive yourselves… this is what Apple wants you to see.


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