Thoughts on iPad 2

March 10, 2011

Apple’s latest Media event on March 2nd (coincidence? I think not.) brought the second iteration of the iPad to the eyes of the public. Ultimately, it was nothing more than an incremental upgrade… solid, but nothing to phone home about. Nevertheless, when you watch the full 2 hour presentation, you see just how major of a deal Apple made it out to be.

To begin with, Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the keynote, receiving a standing ovation. This was Apple’s way of showing the world that “hey, he might be on a medical leave of absence, but he’s still alive and well enough to introduce the product!” Of course that wasn’t the reason Steve Jobs gave for being there… he said that he showed up because he was so excited about the product he simply had to be there to show it off.


What I found interesting is the way Jobs throughout the keynote set up certain non-upgrades of the device in order to make them seem like they’re something so new and radical that an upgrade is necessary. Battery life for example… he said that “with this many new features, how much lower do you expect the battery life to be? Well we managed to preserve the same incredible 10 hour battery life.” No change from iPad 1 to 2, but presented as a new radical innovation. The same with the price. He said that “with this many new features, how much higher do you expect the price to be? Well we managed to keep it the same.”

As for the new features the iPad delivered, they were basically the same as every Apple incremental upgrade… thinner, faster, and cooler. That’s that.

So tomorrow will be the test… will the iPad 2 manage to push the boundaries beyond that of it’s predecessor, selling more than ever and dominating the market even more so (if that’s possible)? Most likely. But only time will tell. If past Apple upgrades of thinner, faster, cooler are anything to judge by, then yes, it’s going to be a smash hit.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on iPad 2”

  1. blah2 said

    remember when you forecasted the iPad to be a flop?


  2. trisha said

    Steve Jobs does a incredible job with introducing products, ipad 2 could take the next step but will not revolutionize as iphone did

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