Mac Soda is a website that promises to quench your thirst for everything apple. From news, to rumors, to scoops, to whatever Apple fans want to read about, we will have it here at Mac Soda.

CEO of Mac Soda:

Mike Contaxis


Art Vandelay


Gus Loukaniko


8 Responses to “About”

  1. krisann pulos said

    Such awesome design and cool commentary I will be dropping by the soda fountain regularly.

  2. Shedders said

    Not a bad site, its good to see a nice layout and wordpress at the core 🙂

    I don’t agree with your Genius comments though- I’d suggest that you have got a limited library .. if mine can’t make a decent playlist on my iPhone 3G it just says – not enough.

    Whilst there is not going to be a perfect list created everytime… for more indie bands I’ve foun it to like songs well, creating associationst hat maybe i didn’t see before. Think of it as an intelligent shuffle more than a genius and your there- whatever you call it , I and quite a few others seem to dig it.. and hey, you don’t have to press the button it’s an option!

    Keep up the good work- let me know if your open to reciporcal links I havea lot of apple content on my blog

  3. alex said

    …and Macsoda is also my name. 🙂

  4. LockerMac said

    Some pretty news, good job man. Hang on I know that the news for Apple products are hard to get 😉

  5. afraser said

    Cool site.
    The news has been timely.
    Pretty tight insight.
    Rumors are just that—good entertainment.
    Keep it up.

  6. Можно было бы и получше изложить, хотя можно было бы и не так хорошо

  7. mac soda…..THE BEST!

  8. G H udsson said

    Я не могу себе представить, что Стив получил планируется следующая. Я буду терпеливо ждать.

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