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  1. Paul said

    Read your comment on I have had nothing but problems with my iPhone 3G (I am on my forth).

    I am now working with Apple for the last two weeks after many emails to them. If you are still having problems try contacting Linda Pak Tambunga at Apple. She is from Corparate Executive Relations and may be able to assist you in getting some help from Apple engineering. Her number is 512-674-8445 and her email is

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hou-Wei said


    thats cool that steve replied you! can i see the fwd of this email?


  3. Maria Boxall said

    To judge by the latest ‘clue’ the brick is surely Woz’s salt shaker.

    He said this in an online interview about two years ago:

    Organic LEDs have been talked about for five years but they are finally coming out in a 20″ television set. It has beautiful images with less power consumption. I’ve seen one and it’s shocking how beautiful it is. I think we are also approaching some display technologies that will be quite foldable and very inexpensive to produce. So that’s on the forefront. I’m also looking for a small computer that I can carry in my pocket and is the equivalent of my laptop. And with three-color LEDs it projects a computer screen on a table or on a wall and then it’s a touch screen. It senses with lasers where I’m touching. There’s a little $400 device you can buy right now, and it’s just as big as a saltshaker. It projects a keyboard and communicates with Bluetooth to my MacBook Pro and I can type right on any table…

  4. Flubbajubba said


    I just wanted to congratulate you on this website, it is excellent! In the past I have been a user of MacRumours, but have become frustrated with the amount of news they publish on the macs themselves. This website was a real find, keep up the good work!

  5. Colin said

    Hey there

    recently started checking your site and really enjoyed it – until now. my kids also read the website – not now. I refer to the one of the replies to your posting about iLife etc with the vulgarities.

    I am not a prude but we don’t need that sort of crap. maybe you could consider a moderation process. It is a shame that you have to put up with wankers but some little jerk out wants his five minutes of fame.

    Sorry to be a downer on things.


  6. tsumy said

    are you greek kontaxis?

  7. James said

    Another feature you might of missed with the new 2.2 software update is now on the iPhone when you type a number in using the phone keypad, there are spaces between sets of numbers. For example with a mob number, instead of 07654786632, it is 07654 786632. Not sure if you care, but it is more useful than a progress update bar, your most recent post.

  8. OSx86 said

    Please answer tsumy’s question, I’m interested, too. 🙂

  9. Admin said

    100 percent 😀

  10. Tyll Parker said

    Isn’t it wonderful that you can now focus on the POSITIVE and not the NEGATIVE! Unless you really don’t have a life and have to continue to mock (however lowbrow and unimaginative you are) Vice President Cheney and President Bush…

  11. Good and interesting post!

  12. Cheryl Jones said

    These articles are REALLY good! So reader friendly great graphic also!

  13. Ricky Dempsey said

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  14. Dennis Petoff said

    I cant work in FC 7 w/o locking up..timeline freezing..after 10 min or 1/2 hr
    all has been tried to no avail..
    Seeing the word “Awesome” is great..but will I be finally able to work like a professional”
    I cant believe their making motion pictures..and we can work for 10 min

  15. Jennifer Walker said

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