In Your Face!

October 31, 2008

Apparently, Microsoft has summoned up all it’s gumption and is setting up “I’m a PC” booths outside of Apple stores.  Inside the booth are people prepared to tell you about the great things Microsoft has to offer and then you can even make your own “I’m a PC” video.  Well, Microsoft is sure going hardcore aren’t they?  Taking the fight to the streets, guerrilla style.  So intimidating with that corporate box.  Maybe if they wanted to persuade people to stay wit

"I'm a PC" Booth

h Windows they should be going into peoples houses and fixing the viruses, spyware, crashes and other problems (like I am forced to do when ever I go home to visit my parents!). In reality this

is more for a shock factor and press reaction then for any actual results.  So in that respect, I guess they did a good job.  Their $300 million advertising sure is effective (sarcasm), but as many people have pointed out, maybe that $300 million should have been spent on actually solving their software woes.