Mac Soda has received word from a very reliable source that the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros will receive a glass trackpad, as initially reported by 9 to 5 Mac. More interestingly, we have heard that the new laptops will have a multi-touch screen that will rotate 360 degrees. We can expect these laptops to be thinner, and will take design cues from the MacBook Air. Whether these changes will come to the MacBook Air is still uncertain, however, we know for sure thay they will be announced at a media event in September for the same price, and possibly even cheaper. While Mac Soda may be new to the rumor scene, we have strong reason to believe that this is happening.

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UPDATE: Turns out there was a giant misunderstanding. The likelihood of the rotating screen being ready for the primetime by September is very slim. Don’t get your hopes up for this product… yet.

UPDATE 2: While I am definitely not as sure as I was before, there is a possibility of it appearing. I’d say the likelihood is 50 percent.

UPDATE 3: I’m sick of this stuff. Don’t expect many more rumors out of Mac Soda