Fat Lady Already Sang

October 31, 2008

According to reports, Opera has already completed a ‘mini’ web browser that would potentially compete with the Safari browser already provided on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Word has it that because of the rules of the Apple App Store, the Opera browser is not being permitted for listing as a download.  

Some people are upset saying that Apple should allow more options for using the iPhone/iPod Touch. Being an iPhone 3G user, I have to say that I do have some qualms in regard to Safari.  The recently released T-Mobile G1 Android phone includes a feature with it’s web browser that enables a ‘zoom out’ view’ with a magnifying square (click for video).  The square makes it possible to view the entire webpage and scroll around until you want to drop back in to a close up of the page.  I think this option would be very useful especially when viewing webpages not really formatted for mobile devices.  

I think it’s a step backward for Apple to not allow more variety and choices for consumers, but obviously it is a step forward in keeping their product in the spotlight.